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The sleek, sweet-faced Whippet, the 'Poor Man's Racehorse,' is lightning quick. He is an amiable, dignified, and gentle soul, but give him something to chase and he's all business. The name Whippet is synonymous with streamlined grace. At somewhere between 18 and 22 inches at the shoulder, the Whippet looks like a Greyhound, but smaller. The Whippet exhibits the classic 'inverted S' lines of the sighthound. The deep chest and trim waist; a lean head supported by a long, arched neck; and slim but sturdy legs combine in a picture of an agile, fleet-footed athlete. Between bursts of intense pursuit, Whippets love to stretch out and relax for long hours, enjoying the role of a loving, and loved, companion. Whippets like a fenced yard to run in, but they do nicely in cozy apartments too'as long as they are exercised properly. Another plus for city dwellers: Whippets rarely bark. Despite the breed's elegant looks, the Whippet is a robust, low-maintenance dog. AKC

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Due to so many people wanting a Ruby puppy I breed her.To my surprise she had her puppies. There are13 puppies 8 girls 5 boys born 2/26/24
Ruby is a great mother and is getting help extra supplements and food to keep everyone happy. Stay tunes for more photo's and call (608) 756-5714.





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